Since 1962, San Francisco's legendary Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory has been making custom fortune cookies by hand.

Handmade Cookies

Our cookies are made from scratch and assembled in-store. Visit us to watch our team make these delectable treats by hand. One smell and you'll be hooked!

Delicious Flavors and Toppings

Ever had a chocolate fortune cookie? How about strawberry or green tea? Come visit us to sample our unique flavors and toppings.

Custom Fortunes

Great for parties, anniversaries, corporate functions, graduations -- customize your own fortune inside our classic cookies. Great way to showcase your brand! Place an order for in-store pick-up.

Factory Tours

Visit us in person to see how our world-class cookies are made. We make up to 10,000 fortune cookies a day, baked fresh on a cast iron rotating griddle wheel. This unique experience is not to be missed!


It's the perfect souvenir. You won't want to leave San Francisco without a one-of-a-kind tee-shirt or bag from our shop. 

Best fortune cookie in the world! Best wishes…
— Dee Brown, ’91 NBA slam dunk champ, Boston Celtics
Head down the alley. Follow your nose to the sweet and inviting scent of those cookies. Fast friendly service. There was a small line and the lady brought us flat warm cookies to sample. Crispy crunchy and perfectly sweet.
— Keith, Canton, GA
Finally toured this place! After decades of traveling to SF finally made the time to do this and it did not disappoint. We had a blast - great SF activity for kids!
— Michelle, Dallas, TX
It was really cool to see how they make fortune cookies! We were offered one just cooked before it was folded and boy was it good. You can buy bags of the flat cookies, before they fold them.
— Lin, St. Louis, MO
Really pleased we sought this place out. You have to see the ladies make the fortune cookies to believe how quick it all is. Really pleased we went and would highly recommend coming here.
— Michelle, London, UK
Another amazing hidden gem of SF! I love fortune cookies and I’m so happy I got to visit this place. All the ladies were very kind, gave sample of their cookies-unfolded and they tasted like fortune cookies! I of course grabbed a bag full because they are so addicting!... also took home a giant fortune cookie.. so cool!
— Maricel, Los Angeles, CA