San Francisco Chronicle, February 2018

Klay Thompson talks fortune cookies, his extensive collection of robes in SF Chinatown visit


"(Klay's) excursion ends with a trip to the famous Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, Thompson's second visit to the facility to make his own fortune cookies. He's initially foiled by the high temperatures of the cookies, but is quickly given a pair of tiny gloves that he gamely uses to keep his precious fingers safe.", February 2016

Thompson, Warriors Celebrate Chinese New Year

“Klay Thompson and Warriors President Rick Welts recently took part in a Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco, where Thompson showed off the special edition jerseys that the team will wear on February 9 vs. Houston.”

Los Angeles Times, April 2017

Surprise yourself in one of San Francisco's Chinatown alleys

“Of the more than a dozen alleys in this Chinatown, Ross Alley is among the busiest, perhaps the oldest. Notorious for gambling in the 1880s, today it's lined with murals depicting daily life in the community. It's home to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory (52 Ross Alley), where various tour groups often alight to watch cookies being made. (This tradition, by the way, seems to trace back to a Japanese American entrepreneur in San Francisco, not to China.)."



New York Times, December 2004

Fortune Cookies

"Down a narrow alley between Jackson and Washington Streets in San Francisco's Chinatown, the sweet vanilla scent of baking wafers will lead you right to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, which has been in business since 1962, and which still make fortune cookies the old-fashioned way, by hand."

New York Times, October 2018

With Change Bubbling, San Francisco’s Chinatown Strives to Stay Authentic

“In San Francisco’s Chinatown, where tradition is sharing space with modernity — think duck fat-infused cocktails alongside oolong tea — the community finds itself at a crossroads: trying to fend off gentrification while welcoming change.

As leases run out and merchants retire, entrepreneurs are opening upscale restaurants and shops, while aging enterprises strive to remain relevant. The restaurant Eight Tables, which opened last October, offers a $225 tasting menu featuring a caviar dumpling, and the popular Golden Gate Fortune Cookies tempts changing taste buds with matcha and chocolate-dipped treats.”

KTVU - Oakland, January 2017

San Francisco fortune cookie shop named to legacy registry

"This year's Chinese New Year celebration falls on Saturday, Jan. 28 and the festivities for three Chinatown businesses that have been added to the San Francisco legacy registry will likely be much more special because of the designation.

The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is one of the Chinatown businesses that has been added to the municipal registry -- a designation marking it as a historic asset."


the truth factor with scott morrell, december 2017 

Episode 002 - Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory 


“This week, I decided to travel to San Francisco and find some truths about fortune cookies. A good buddy of mine, Kevin, works at the famous Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company and was able to shed some light on this overlooked, yet common product that we consume here in America.”


Fox 40 - Sacramento, February 2016

San Francisco Fortune Cookie Manufacturer Makes Special Super Bowl Treats

"Just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco, a few workers are making snacks that will predict the winners of Super Bowl 50.

You can smell the good luck wafting through Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company in Chinatown."

The Bold Italic, May 2014

A Look at SF’s Tiny Fortune Cookie Factory

the bold italic.jpeg

"The precise Californian city in which the fortune cookie was invented is the subject of perhaps the most heated debate of our time — so heated, that there was actually a mock trial held in the ’80s to settle the dispute, and San Francisco won. These days, the largest manufacturers are in Brooklyn and New York, but as in many instances, San Francisco wins for tiniest, cutest, and making-it-by-handiest — in this case, for fortune cookie manufacturers.", February 2018

Chinatown Klay, Presented by Bay Area BMW

"The natural followup to #ChinaKlay has Klay Thompson taking in some unique Chinatown experiences in San Francisco."

“A visit to the fortune cookie factory”


George Liu, CMO, Hong Kong Airlines

Home of Fortune Cookies

"Today, I'm so happy that, on the occasion of Hong Kong Airlines' inaugural flight from San Francisco, I was able to find, with the help of my colleagues, the man and the family who started their fortune cookie factory in 1962 and turned it into a tourist attraction of San Francisco's world-famous Chinatown."


Business Insider, October 2015

This is how fortune cookies are made

“The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, in San Francisco's Chinatown, makes their cookies by hand.

The cookies start flat, as the batter gets baked and pressed into small sheets. The fortune is then placed in the middle of the hot cookie, after which the whole thing is hand-folded into shape with metal pole.”


Super Travel Me, April 2018

Destination San Francisco: Golden Gate Fortune Cookies CO

"Fortune Cookies are always given out at the end of an Asian meal in the US. But I didn’t know it was such a big thing right here in San Francisco until I was brought to Golden Gate Fortune Cookies Co in San Francisco’s Chinatown where I met the owner Kevin Chan. Kevin shares that Golden Gate Fortune Cookies Co is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm. He doesn’t want to disappoint any guests who come all the way to his store to purchase these famous fortune cookies." 


Mother Jones, October 2016

You’ve Been Wrong About Fortune Cookies Your Whole Life

“The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco isn’t much bigger than a narrow garage, but it produces thousands of fortune cookies each day. Large machines drip batter onto hot circular plates, hardening them in an instant. Two Chinese American women quickly grab the warm wafers, fold them over an iron, and insert a small piece of paper inside before fully closing the cookie. They move quickly under the gaze of tourists, who pay 50 cents to snap a photo.”

Inspired Imperfection, June 2018

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco's Chinatown

"When we arrived, we walked right in and discovered just how small this “factory” is. It’s not much bigger than our kitchen and family room and it’s very hot inside, but who really cares when you get free samples of the best fortune cookies you have ever tasted hot off the cookie presses!"

Who I met today, january 2017

Fortune Cookie Factory-Chinatown, San Francisco

"The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory is a hidden treat in the middle of Chinatown. Just inside the iron-gated front door,  help yourself to a plate of flat, warm cookies.  Kevin Chan, the factory manager and owner’s son, talks with me, shows me around, keeps the production line going, greets tourists, and answers phone calls.  A man of many hats, Kevin and his  family do almost everything to keep this fortune cookie bakery running."